Friday, April 24, 2009

The Storm (of stupidity) is Coming

Read this frist from McVie, reposting here with my thoughts.

* * *

From the BRILLIANT (feel the sarcasm?) guys @ National Organization for Marriage:

Funny or Die made a spoof of the ad, see below:

Well, it's funny in a silly way, but it fails to address the hilarity of the original ad, which I will try to do here:

First, DISCLAIMER: I am not from the States so hatever knowledge I have of their situation and political conditons is solely based on news and USA-based blogs I read. SO don;t quote me if you can't stand up for it :D

Let's dissect the ad's claims that, in my opinion, will not even pass ASC standards (hahaha!)

NOM says: "They want to bring the issue into my life"
I say: The conservatives have ben bringing their hetero-normative ideas into the lives of gay people creating FEAR and ANGER towards homosexuality to the extent that there are gay people around the world who are killed (or commit suicide) because of the unbearable social pressure against homosexuals. Isn't it about time that the oppresors (like NOM) experience what they have ben imposing on us?

NOM: "My Freedon will be taken away"
I say: How exactly? From a civil rights perspective, nobody's legal rights are being curtailed. In fact it is being EXPANDED so as to RESPECT THE FREEDOM of gay people like me.

I mean, we're the ones being condemned here. We're the ones who are legally not allowed to be united with our loved ones. So how does this affect the coservatives' freedom?

If Gay Marriage curtails their freedom from GAY BASHING and HATE CRIMES, well, isn't that a good thing? :)

NOM: "I'm a California Doctor who has to choose between my faith and my job"
I say: Why, coz your faith teaches you that if gay people come to you for a cure, you just go ahead and let them die? Is that REALLY the RIGHTEOUS thing to do? I mean, if you're FAITH is so narrow and so MORALLY CONFLICTING, well, isn't the choice (assuming you're aiming for the right one) quite obvious?

Besides, faith has nothing to do with you're being a doctor! You're just supposed to save lives. How can faith cause moral dilemmas when all you gotta do is save people's lives?

NOM: "I'm part of New Jersey Church group punished by the government because we can't support same sex marriage"
I say:
1. How are you punished exactly? any substantiation coz that sounds a bit too far fetched to believe.

2. You CAN'T or you WON'T support gay marriage? Coz I mean, if it's the ability (can or cannot) we're talking about here, again, it sounds a bit far fetched since support CAN be showed in several ways, it's dificult not to be capable of suporting something.

I feel that a more honest statement would be their organization WILL NOT support gay marriage. Coz really, when it comes to voluntary actions, it's nver the issue pf capability, just the party's WILLINGNESS to support it.


NOM: "I'm a Massachusets parent helplessly watching Public schools teach my son that gay marriage is OK"
I say:
1. You're not entirely helpless. If you don;t like what the school is teaching your kid then get him to another school, or better yet, home school him. You are never without options unless you choose to.

2. Gay Marriage is actually OK. It's the people like those with NOM that is the problem.

NOM: But we have hope a rainbow coalition... that is coming together IN LOVE to protect marriage...
I say:
1. How can they say that they come together in love when they are working to DEPRIVE gay people of their civil rights, their love, and their hapiness? It sounds pretty hateful to me.

2. How exactly does their conservatism protect marriage? I mean, if we're really after protecting the sacredness of marriage and preserving the family, then I guess the REAL enemy here is DIVORCE and NOT gay marriage.

All in all, the NOM ad, does not make any sense... AT ALL.

It's all a collection of vague and absurd claims that, upon scrutiny falters to follow logic.

In my opinion this is the problem with these people: They are just so selfish and stubborn. The conservatives will not open their minds! And the Liberals does not know how to push the right buttons.

ANd when I think of this, I am suddenly grateful that I'm in the Philippines.

I mean, I can kiss my boyfriend on the street and not get shot at by some crazy person with a gun.

I get to earn respect through my talents (whatever those are) and regardless of my sexuality.

I am in an industry where being gay actually works for me as an advantage.

And lastly, the Filipinos are more open minded


  1. napadaan lang. congrats pala, ikaw ang winner sa RBP grupo natin. about dun sa video, kever na lang sa kanila. balang araw pag magka-apo sila ng mga bading at lesbiana, maiintindihan din nila.

  2. huwaaaaaahhhh!!!! teh! I'm so proud na nabasa mo ang blog ko!!! para akong na-starstuck (blog version!) hahaha.

    Salamat teh! In fairness mahigpit ang kumpetisyon kaya nagulat din akow.

    Heniway, KORAK ka jan kapatid! naku yan talaga ang panalangin ko sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay kundi magalit sa bakla...

    Magandang karma yan sa mga hitad na homophobes! HMF kiyembot!


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