Monday, April 13, 2009

The mindblowing audition of Susan Boyle

We all remember Paul Potts! His sensational win @ Britain's Got talent earned him his fame and (hopefully) his fortune, as well. He's got an album out and he's going around singing his arias...

But before he became a star, we all remeber Potts from his amazing audition at Britain's Got Talent...

A goofy-looking overweight man whose dream is to become an opera singer... Everyone's first thought was that he's gonna be a loony... then he opens his mouth and...

Oh hell, just watch it and refresh your memory:

And now, ladies and gentlegays, please meet Susan Boyle. SHe's a lot cookier than Paul Potts; this one definitely has character... and LOTS of it... From the interview alone, you can tell that she's cookie. Heck she's cookie on the stage, even!

But then... O MY FUCKING GOD... from the first note that she sang!

I'm in love!

I'm so in love with her voice and her disgustingly thick eyebrows! you hafta hafta hafta watch this:

UPDATE: ok, I'm in a bit of a glitch here, all the SUsan Boyle videos in youtube canot be embedded. darn!

well, I'll hafta find a way but for the meantime, do watch it here


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