Sunday, April 12, 2009

Excited to see Queen Raquela

Oooohhhh... I'm so excited!!!

Queen Racquela opened in the theaters yesterday (Robinson's movie world) and TODAY I am finally going to be able to watch it!!!

Wee!!! It's been making a splash across the globe and it's a shame how little acknowledgment it's getting from the Philippines...

Here's the cast and crew after winning the Teddy Awards last year (in the middle is Raquela herself, and the bald guy, I think, is director, Olaf De Fleur)

I've been itching to see it for some time now. I've been looking for torrents but alas, no such luck.

TODAY is a beautiful day coz I'll finally get t see Racquela! weee!

Please visit the movie's official site for more details (click on the link here)

Or read a brief description of the movie from Rainbow Bloggers Philippines here

Enjoy the trailer! mwahness!

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