Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crying over Saigon

I was crying when I got to the office this morning.

Just a few minutes before tears rolled down my face, I was sweating as I walked across the overpass in front of our office compound.

Lea's voice was already tender; and in my head she sang:

You will be with you father now.
Give all your love to him when I am gone.

Take a last look at me,

Don't forget what you see

From now you must move on...

The people walking beside me was surprised when I exclaimed, "PAKSHET, ayan na!!!"

You will be who you want to be, you
Can choose whatever heaven grants

As long a syou can have your chance

I swear I'll give my life for you...

The hairs on my arms were standing on end...

No one will stop what I must do (dramatic pause)
My son, I'll give my life for you...

A few bars of tender flute...

Then follows the ghastly tolling of bells


The orchestra goes wild!

The strings sound as if they are on the brink of breaking, screeching notes so eery and haunting

The drums pound away with increasing speed

and then, PAK!

In my mind I was shouting: "HINDEEEEEEEEEEE"

And Simon was shouting "KIM!!! KIM!!!"

Heto na, nangingilid na luha ko... and Lea goes,

The gods have guided you to your son

And the music of "Sun and Moon" begins to play...

Manong guard opens the gate for me, I sniff as I greet him good morning.

"Please don't die," sabi ni Simon

Hold me one more time...
How in one night have we come (huling hugot ng hininga) so far...

And the strings swells!

My officemate looks at me puzzled.

Pakshet, takbo sa CR, punas ng uhog...

Miss Saigon just never ceases to move me...

Lea sings with such clarity and emotion... You can feel her anger in Room 317, you can feel the longing in I Still Believe, the desperation and the almost insane love in I'd Give My Life for You...

It goes on and on... pushing and pushing my emotions until you can take no more and you just wanna break down with sympathy for Kim.

I was only able to see it once (for free!) back in 2000 when I was still a senior in high school... and as I listen to it I feel the amazing stage spectacle... the tenderness.. and the pain and the drama...


It just cuts me open and make me bleed without end.

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