Monday, April 6, 2009

Britney's Circus Concert bloopers

I'm sure y'all have heard about Britney's concert boo-boos floating in and out of Youtube...

Well, all for a good laugh, I decided to compile some of them, coz let's face it, we love celebrities who make a fool of themselves (eg: Janina San Miguel. hahahaha)

This was the first clip that graced the internet, and I have to say, thus far it's the best. Ladies and gentlegays, I bring you "My pussy is hanging out":

The video above has a more real feel and the audio's much better too. Do listen till the end coz that's where you'll hear the magic words.

The second video is (I assume) from the same performance but it has better visuals so you can see HOW her pussy's REALLY hanging out. I'd like to think that the audio in the end if for real, however since the clip is edited, I'm inclined to say no. but nevertheless, enjoy watching the supposed camel toe

The second boo-boo didn't really make quite a splash, I mean, there's nothing really THAT funny about it, but it's nice to know that Britney loses (vocabulary) self-control habang give na give sa pagsayaw... It's also amusing to know that the audio people from her concert keeps her mic on, despite the fact that: (1) she's dancing and NOT singing in this number, and; (2) Britney lipsynchs all the time!

Anyway, enjoy:

The last one, WELL, this one is just f*cking hilarious. taken, I think, late last month (March), in a spiur of the moment enthusiasm, Britney suddenly shouts, "MERRY CHRISTMAS"


I'm not sure if she's high.... but it was hilarious! Hahaha, Baklang, yun! Merry Christmas daw! hahahahaha

I only wish she'd take the tour here in the Philippines and top all these boo-boos by shouting "P*ke ng bakla!" while tripping on her own costume while dancing! hahahaha!

You gotta love this recovering mess of a celebrity!

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