Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bohol Vacation Day 2

This was such a jam-packed day. There was a lot to accomplish in just half a day! Here's the iti:

1. Blood compact site (simple monument with a nice view, daming Koreano! ganda ng view)

2. Baclayon Church (2nd oldest church in the Phils., sayang bawal mag picture sa loob ng Church Museum. The facade looks shitty, though, sad)

3. Tarsiers (they are so freaky and cute at the same time!!! maliksi sila sa kakahuyan mabaho nga lang. hehe)

4. Chocolate Hills (amazing view! made me wish I have a DSLR. nakakinis lang ang daming tao at inulan kame)

5. Man-made Mahogany FOrest (completely amazing!!! gusto kong magtatakbo sa kakahuyan at magsumiga wng "nakita ko na ang ada!")

6. Clarin Ancestral House (Amazing place, kinda creepy and the house guide was shitty)

7. Loboc River Cruise (The food was not THAT good. I;ve definitely tasted better. Th whole experience would've been totally improved by the food. Kainez umuulan that time so it was really cloudy)

That was also our pasalubong buying day after the tour (sana mas malaki ang dala kong budget).

We felt like we missed the Butterfly farm/sanctuary and another sitem a cave or something. But it's generally fine and it was suhc a pleasure to have been in those places...

Mejo nakakapagod siya so instead of doing the farm tour we just "rested" for the rest of the day till dinner time. :D

We had seafood pasta, which was really delish!

At dahil maganda sa Cave/pol-side resto, di kumpleto ang araw kung walang cam-whoring sa place :)

There's more amazing photos from our 3rd day

If you wanna see more photos, please check out my Multiply site.

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