Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woman in drag meets club DJ makes nice techno track and fun video

If y'all enjoyed my post on Drag a few days ago, I'm sure y'all gonna enjoy this.

This is a very fun and fascinating video:

Lipstique offspring of Fauxnique and Silencefiction's collaboration.

It's a nice techno/electronica (I dunno how to classify this track) beat... perfect pangrampa... and it's quite interesting watching all the videos characters transform!!!

fun fun fun

Interesting tidbit: Fauxniqu is actually a Monique Jenkinson. Yes she's a woman in 'drag' (at least she looks like a man in drag...) AND she's the first woman (as in pinanganak siya talgang girl) to win Miss trannyshack

here's the complete write up from SFist:

National treasure Fauxnique and Silencefiction (the swellest chap you'll ever run into at a club) collaborated on this smashing project. "Lipstique," which boasts former Miss trannyshack Fauxnique listing her favorite lipstick colors backed by an addictive disco beat. But it's so much more than that. Silencefiction's "Lipstique" (Looq Records) is meshed with cameos by Fauxnique, Peaches Christ, Kiddie, Vinsantos, Katya Smirnoff-skyy, and Hoku Mama who give makeup tips while delivering out a fresh perspective on drag.

Check out the video:

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