Sunday, February 22, 2009

REVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race

Imagine the two gay-est reality shows:

America's Next Top Model

and Project Runway

mashed up into one!And to make it more colorful, let's ditch the models, ditch the seamstresses and instead put in a handful of drag queens with attitude to boot and what do you get?

RuPaul's DRAG RACE!!!

After reading much about this show on the net, I was finally able to find a torrent and download the latest 3 episodes of this FABULOUS show.

I know, I know, the concept is a bit of a rip-off, (RuPaul hosts the search for the next International Drag Superstar) but the way RuPaul hosts it is just so fucking hilarious! He "impersonates Tim Gunn during challenge days and Tyra during judgment days! And always, ALWAYS, with that sassy flavor only REAL gay men can conjure!

I feel, though, that the production is lacking in some aspects.

For one, unlike Top Model, the show lacks a bit of credibility from the lectures/workshops given to the aspiring models. Instead of going out the studio and learning about on real-life drag lessons, RuPaul subjects the ladies to improptu-what's-that-shit-for? type of challenges.

Also, unlike Project Runway, the challenges needs fine-tuning and direction so that they cross from being merely entertaining to being actually relevant.

I just hope the producers would have realized these and take care of it by the coming episodes.

BUT the most interesting aspect of the show are the contestants themselves! They got pretty interesting stories and characters and they are just so entertaining when put against each other!

Here they are:

1. Shannel (aka Bryan, 29)

She's a Las Vegas show queen. Just look at those eyes, very FIERCE!!! She's REALLY competitive. she demonstrates being a bit piushy and a bit of a know-it-all. Shining moment in Ep 3 when she gets a major wardrobe malfunctio while lipsynching "The Greatest Love of all"

2. Nina Flowers (aka Jorge Flores

As a man, Jorge is scary... the tatoos are just such a wild statement... BUT as a drag queen she's FIERCE. Unlike the other contestants, Nina is edgy... a bit surreal and frightening... yet fascinating. HOWEVER, Jorge's accent, I feel, hinders Nina from being a well rounded performer... Shining moment in Ep1 when she made fabulous outfit as part of the "DIma-a-drag" challenge

3. Rebecca Glasscock (aka Javier, 26)

Her weapon: Beauty! YEss, the dude is one pretty little chic! and he's not a bad looker as well as a dude! OK, I'm crushing on a drag queen, but REALLY, he's HOTT

4. Ongina (aka Ryan)

I personally find his name choice a bit distasteful... ugh! yuck! And as a drag queen, she doesn't look much of a girl, with the sahved head and the tattooed arms... no! She looks really weird to me in drag... But one thing this Asian sister has is a lot of attitude, personality, and talent! and just for that, I adore her! Shining moment in Ep3 when she hits the ramp with a really edgy clack fur/frilled dress... Still looks weird but the attitude and the personality really pay off!

5. Victoria Porkchop Parker (aka Victor, 39 - how original!)

I love that she's a heavy-weight sugar momma. SHe's been doing this for 21 years!! (almost as old as I am). Love how the man channels his inner queen through Victoria. She's fun but got eliminated on the 1st Ep, too bad!

6. Akashia (aka Eric 24)

Now she is one NASTY BITCH! Uhum, she's been dissin' people and givin' all sorts of attitude since Day 1. BITCH BITCH BITCH! She's ugly as a man and even uglier as a woman. She's just so full of herself that she fails to shine and/or entertain...

7. Tammie Brown (aka Keith, 28)

She is such a character! OK I admit in drag she's WEIRD and as a man, she's even WEIRDER. But I love that he transforms into a 30's inspired, Bette Davis-like, awkward and conservative woman... She's quirky... but I think the show is a bit out of her league... She's just too niche.

8. Jade (aka David, 24)

He makes a mighty damn FINE woman; and she transforms into one handsome and delicious MAN!!! Just look at her.. and look at him! argh! drool-worthy... She's yet to display what she can do and what she's all about. Thus far, all I know is that she makes pretty HOTT dancer, she's got killer abs...a nd in Ep3, she displays a REALLY BIG package (despite the TUCK!!!)

9. Bebe Zahara Benet (aka *didn't catch his REAL name* but he's 29)

Much like Tammie, she too is a character (less all the weirdness). She's the drag queen who makes faces when performing and then suddenly just turns REAL ferosh on the runway... She just might be in the running for the finals!

All in all, I find this show REALLY entertaining. I do hope it gets shown here in the Philippines. With Bebe Gandanghari paving the way, I feel like the Filipinos are ready for this... Now if only teh show has substance.... hmmmm.

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