Sunday, February 8, 2009


For the first official date of 2009, Christian and I decided to watch Jay.

And finally, we saw an indie film we did not regret paying for.

The plot line is smart, the scenes well executed, and the acting was very affective. Kudos to the production team, this is really something to be proud of! I have to say, it deserves the awards it's been getting...

Watch the trailer below:

Jay basically tells how "reality in TV" affects the actual reality. It opens with the riveting first half of the supposed segment and then later on delves into the makng of the story...

It takes the viewers to the circus of the TV production... How Jay (Baron Geisler) manipulates the victim's family to get his scoop... how unsympathetic he is and the producers to the family's plight... and taking it a step further, how Filipinos tend to lose their sense of dignity in front of the camera (evidenced by the mother's acting for the re-enactment of the morgue scene)...

The acting is especially subtle yet affective. Baron plays the TV producer... and I gotta say he got every flick of the hand, tone of voice, and eye-rolling to the nail! It's difficult to NOT hate his character, coz really he schemes so dastardly and his acting just really compliments the character.

One comment though, how come Coco Martin is billed more prominently over the mother when it's obvious in the film that his character's participatin is really VERY minimal? probabaly the producer's way of gettig in an audience by tapping the Coco Martin fans w/in the indie and gay world? hmmm... a move, I thik is not fair to the mother who probably cried her heart out for most part of the movie and so naturally plays the simpleton mother.

Though, being a Coco Martin fan myself, I gotta say, he never fails to be the movie's eye candy... I just love love love him.... I mean how can you resist those gorgeous eyes... those succulent lips... sorry I'm melting in my seat here...

I especially love the twist in the end where Jay (Baron Geisler) is implied to have met the end of the original victim Jay... so.. poetic.

Anyway, you guys gotta see it. It's showing in most SM Cinemas in the Metro.

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