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REVIEW: Carlo Vergara's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzicalara's (Feb 14, 2009 show)

I just got home from the best Vdate ever!!!

Bebi and I Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical! and it was amazing!!! I LAAAAV EEET!!!

Bebi even bought me the soundtrack, the poster and the souvenir program which Carlo Vergara himself signed!!! Yes he was there and I was actually able to exchange a few lines with him before going back inside the theater!!!

Okay I know I'm totally geeking out...

Here's some of the major points why I love Zaturnnah:

1. The Cast: you can just feel the energy from the performers and you know that they are having a blast as well.

Didi (played by Nar Cabico) was the BEST... I love his character, really sassy and witty and VERY entertaining... the performer himself also feels like he's soo into the character that the energy was just so infectious... not sure if he made all the aldibs himself, but they really worked! I also love how his character (or the performer?) cheers on some pro-gay sentiments...

Vince de Jesus (Ada), author, and Nar Cabico (Didi)

The first time I saw Eula Valdez come out as Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, I instantly saw why she was cast for the part... her facial features are just so defined and her beauty just seems so larger than life... much like Zaturnnah... I still can't believe that she sings, though. At first I was like, "Is that really HER?" but if it really was her, then hats off... not only can she act, but she's got a pretty pair of lungs as well...

Author with Eula Valdez

I looooove the girl who played Queen Femina (Kalila Aguilos? - not sure) was just CRAAAZY.... the accent is off the hook.

Christian (my bebi) Kalila Aguilos (?) as Queen Femina and Author

As for Dodong (Lauren Novero) well... when he too off the shirt, solved na ako! mga teh, tulo ang laway ko...

Lauren (left) with Arnold Reyes (Right) both alternating as Dodong

Well, I'm not totally crazy about Lauren's dancing... and his acting can use some buffing up (so to speak but he's singing's fairly good though. And did I mention that his bod is just to drool over? I almost fell off my chair during the zombie attack scene when his shirt was ripped apart exposing his HOTT bod (droool galore!)

Author with Lauren Novero

2. The Songs: From the prologue until "Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko" the songs and the performances just keep on hitting the spot.

Some of my favorites:
Walang Ibang Pangarap Kundi Siya (Didi, Ada, Dodong and Company) - it's just fun fun fun. hihihi
Huwag na Huwag Niyo Siyang Babastusin - It's Didi's performance, and we love him hands down!
Multo ng Nakaraan - It has that 'kurot sa puso' reminds me of my own dead father and my own issues with his non-acceptance... I also loove Zaturnnah and Ada's duet (Eula Valdez and Vince de Jesus - who's also the production's composer, lyricist, and musical director, bongga noh!)
Battle Transmorphication - I just love the production number cum battle threats cum transformation! the Amazonistas perform their 'katukayo's hits (Vilma, Nora, Sharon, and Dina Bonnevie)! I love it!
Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko - this one is just moving... *sniff* (This is also Lauren's shining moment - convinced me that he CAN sing!)

And Zaturnnah's transformation music is just CRAZY!!!! reminds me of Sailormoon! hahahaha!

The Soundtrack! BUY IT!!!

3. The Performances. Have I mentioned that Didi's performance was just hands down fabulous? love the aldibs and pop culture references.

But aside from her the cast is just outstanding! Especially loved the fight scenes that make do with the lack of big time props!

4. Pro LGBT themes. "Mabuhay ang mga Bakla!" cheered Didi and I just wanted to stand and shout "PLANGUK!!!"

I especially love the part when Lauren was singing "Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko" the LGBT representatives sorta waltzed their way on stage...

Stuff like these are really strong, and personally, they reinforce the right of our existence... it makes me wanna be a more significant part of the community...

Anyway... If you haven't seen the show yet, then you gotta gotta see it!!!

Congrats to Carlo Vergara, the Cast and Staff and Tanghalang Pilipino!

ERRATUM: I earlier posted this review saying Joey Paras performed as Didi on feb 14. I stand corrected, it is actually the wonderful Nar Cabico (If you're reading this Nar, I love you!!! hehehe). Thanks Gen for pointing this one out

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