Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the emerging Gay Indie Filmmakers

Recently read this in The Bakla Review about his thoughts on the new gay indie movie, "Sagwan":

The irony is that the milieu is the only aspect of the movie that feels true. The story and characters fashioned around it have a corny synthetic flavor.

We should be used to it by now. From miners in Baguio to snatchers in Quiapo to caretakers of lighthouses, many of our filmmakers are not very concerned about realistic depictions of people’s lives as they merely use the surface to project the usual gay fantasies. In Sagwan, when boatmen begin the day by gathering their boats in one place, we barely get the details of their routine, but we do get ample shots of their shirtless torsos. Am I complaining? Not really. It’s a genre of acquired taste: the unrealistic sexy movie. Just because there’s no substance doesn’t mean there’s no fun. Other genres are guilty of the same sin.
Very well said! I cannot agree more!!!

After seeing a handful of gay indie films (with the hope of finding a masterpiece) I am finally losing hope of finding that one true movie that will REALLY blow me away (with the exception of "Jay" of course)

I admit, I'm no connoisseur, but I'd like to think that my 4-year education on broadcast media has at least given me a fair amount of knowledge on good story-telling in audio and video. And frankly I feel that the emerging filmmakers are simply self-absorbed in their notions that they are somehow creating "art"...

I am also overwhelmed with disgust how one gay indie screenwriter flaunts himself as some sort of intellectual in the gay community when his writing skills and his morals are nothing but base to say the least (those who know me well would know WHO this egotistical writer is)

Hmmmm... Maybe I'll try to write a review of the all wasted 150 pesos spent on Indie Cine's crappy gay indies in the future...

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