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Homophobic homosexuals

Here's the complete post as first published on Rainbow Bloggers Philippines:

After doing the Gay for Pay episode, Tyra Banks brings in the controversy once more and featured homophobic homosexuals on the show.

Yes, she invited openly gay individuals to talk about their likewise very open disgust on homosexuality.

Confusing, yes I know, but very real. Not only on Tyra but even here in the Philippines. One needs only to follow some of the local gay blogs to see the same issues and themes in Tyra recur

The Episode

Tyra's guests are:

1. Shane -19 and gives himself until the age of 30 to turn straight

2. Tia and Skylar - Tia is Shane's ex-GF and now best friend and roomate. Skylar is shane's ex-BF who is now Tia's object of affection (they lead REALLY complicated lives)

3. Greg - a small town kid who feared gays

4. Elian and Katy - married BUT Elian remains gay and Katie accepts this and EVEN allows for threesomes

5. Marc - is one HOTT stud. I feel like he's got no major issues on homosexuality just his dad who forces him to go to ex-gay ministries, etc.

The producers of Tyra sure knows how to raise eyebrows! Of the 5 I feel that Elian and Shane's cases are most talk-worthy: one wants to be straight, the other is trying to live the hetero life.

Lemme start with Shane (watch the video below):

Bear with me as I try to dissect this guy's issues against homosexuality per statement:

Shane says: "I'm hoping this is just a phase because I never wanted to be gay"
=> Well, I feel like we really don't have a choice about that. I believe that we are BORN that way.

"I wanna have a real family"
=> I believe that a family is not just the simple combination of a man, a woman, and their kid. A family is what you make of the people around you. A gay man can still have a REAL family with another guy, it's never about the legality of their union or a formal declaration or society's acceptance of that union. It is about their love for each other. As for kids, they can always get a surrogate or adopt (I'm a living testimony)!

"Men are supposed to be alpha and I don't think gay guys are.... if they wanna be girls, they should get a sex change or something... if you're gonna be a guy then be a guy"
=> Now this is such a Draconian perspective. The idea that males are alpha have long been debunked. We now have House Husbands, for goodness sake! This line of thinking would eventually lead to saying that woen should stay at home and darn socks (and that would be like going back in time for 4 decades or so). NOT TO MENTION there are gays who are straight acting (or alpha). AND not all gays want to be girls... most gays are perfectly happy with their penises.

"I'm not really a fan of the male organ"
=> YEAH RIGHT!!! ano ginagawa niya sa kama, pitik bulag? PUH-LEASE!

"I'm not a fan of female anatomy either... it just really creeps me out"
=> That's because he's gay, duh. With that thinking, god luck talaga if he meets his deadline

Before I take my arguments on SHane's case to the next level, let me show you Elian's case. His case embodies all the reasons why a gay guy can NEVER live ahetero life and be HAPPY:

As Tia says in the first segment:
"You can't help who you're attracted to.. You can't turn it off"
The bottomline is that WE CANNOT FIGHT NATURE. Need I say more? There is no fighting the urge... there is no conversion therapy... simply put, there is NO CURE because we are NOT SICK.

So what's this all about? Why would a gay person want to be straight?

At this point, I wanna review some statements made by Shane:

"I will never be satisfied with a man... it's pure sexual and I feel I am supposed to be emotionally satisfied by a woman"

"...The emotional factor will be more to me, I'll probably still have my sexual urges but... I'm gonna force myself to be with a woman... as long as I'm in love with her it won't matter to me"

It's important to note that Shane grew up in a family of rigid Christians (where Pokemon and Dragonball are considered the devil!!!). Notice too hoe he uses word "SUPPOSED TO BE". Clearly he is very much influenced by heteronormative ideas.

This is an example of the sad products of a very conservative and rigid society: people who are so UNHAPPY... people who are in conflict with their own nature and the rules of society...

Tia, once again, bless the girl, says it perfectly:

"I think a lot of gays... want to be part of society but it has rules and it's very conflicting for them"
Here in the Philippines, I suppose one of the manifestations of this self-hatred is the emergence of gay subcultures, particularly those who live the gay life but refuse to identify themselves as such hence creating new labels such as "straight-tripper" "Bi-curious" etc etc (read about more about it here)

The cure? Self-acceptance... life is too beautiful to spend it hating one. We all know this, but let's just quote Tyra for reference:

"Gay people are normal, they do the same things straight people do"

Watch the rest of the episode below:

Watch out for Marc @ Segmnet 5 (sooo drool-worthy!)

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