Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homophobic Homosexuals @ RBP

After doing the Gay for Pay episode, Tyra Banks brings in the controversy once more and featured homophobic homosexuals on the show.

Yes, she invited openly gay individuals to talk about their likewise very open disgust on homosexuality.

One of them wants to be straight by the time he's 30! Another is sooooo afraid of gay people! One even got married to his best friend but still fools around with guys! and the last guests is just so f*cking HOTT I don't even care what issues he's got!

In my latest contribution to Rainbow Bloggers I try to debunk the guests' reasons for hating homosexuality and try t explore the causes of this disturbing state of mind. Also I dabble a little bit on how such cases are also very much alive here in the Philippines.

Read all about it in my latest contribution to Rainbow Bloggers! wee!

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