Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bending it like a Queen!

I stumbled upon this prson while I was blogshopping, one click led to another and voila! I've found THE TRANSFORMATION:

Intriguing, right?

So dug up some more and landed on the motherload where the video heroine keps a stash of blogs about politics, music, art, etc etc... But what I really enjoyed was her BEAUTY TIPS! so I watched this one right here. And boy was I surprised to see her co-host!

Yep, It's her alter-ego (or maybe it's the other way around) Adrian Acosta!!! I thought Amnesia Sparkles was fun... hu-we-hell! It looks likes her mild mannered man-half is NOT so bad after all! Isn't he just a cutie?

Adrian also has his own blog where he talks about stuff more relevant to his craft.

Adrian is (as mentioned in his blog):


Adrian L. Acosta was born in Uruguay,
has two last names, yet no middle one.
He currently lives in New York City.

- over 8 years photography experience
- over 20 yrs art and performing experience (on and off stage, in front and behind the camera)
- licenced Esthetician and makeup artist

It's such a perfect example of duplicity and gender bending minus the freakiness! tee hee!

Kinda reminds me of other gender-bending pinoys.... hmmmmm...

Rustom Padilla from hot papaness...

to Drag Queen of the season Bebe Gandanghari

AAAAAAND my favorite, Paolo Ballesteros as afternoon TV cutie

to Primetime mermaid boy:

to outerspace cross-dressing-contravida!

and this is the best part... Paolo's Cross Dressing antics on live TV:

In fairness maganda siyang maging gurl... work it, 'te!


  1. paolo is sooo pretty!!! and bebe not so... it's better if he just stayed the hot gay guy.

  2. I agree! gandang tranny si Paolo. I just from though that he has a daughter with some chick based in the US!!! intriguing...

    As for Bebe, there are really some harsh criticisms about the transformation, I think it's not even that popular in the gay community... hmmmmmm


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