Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking my life back... and loving it!

If you've followed my blog in Multiply, then I'm sure you're quite aware that I haven't been well for a while.

You can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and (finally) here. (My god, I've been ranting a lot...)

If 7 blogs are too much for you, here's the quick version: I suffered from major pain in my left hip which according to my doctors was caused by a
slipped disc. It was so painful, in fact, that I was confined in hospital for 12 days and spent most of the Holidays immobile. My doctors kept me on meds but since the progress was REALLY slow, we were beginning to entertain the fact that I'm gonna get an operation. So while we were taking care of additional tests (EMG-NCV and MRI) I just kept on with my meds and daily practice...

SO now finally I've got MORE news on the matter and I'm posting it HERE FIRST!
(ain't dat cewl!?!)

Firstly, I grabbed my MRI photos!!! (jumping up and down - theoretically - here for excitement) It was my first time to get an MRI (and boy was it expensive!!! Thanks god for Healthcards). The process of getting one is a bit dull... but when we got the results and the CD that goes with it, my cousins and I were like "woah... coooool..." Whoever invented it was REALLY smart!

Check these out:

Cool huh? It's better when u can actually them move it's like seeing my internal organs and the insides of my internal organs!!!! How cool is that!?! I'm still geeking out! hehehe

BUT it does not stop there... My mom took this and the EMG-NCV results to my doctor and they cam back with REALLY good news!!! It appears that I will no longer be needing the discectomy!!! huweeeee!!

By some unknown MIRACLE,
my MRI scans turned out to be NORMAL!!! The hernia they saw in my CT Scan was suddenly not there! I mean, isn't that just the coolest? My EMG-NCV results showed abnormalities on both left and right nerves. But NOT having surgery totally stomps this step back! I'm just soooo glad that they wouldn't have to crack open my back!!!

I will still need to undergo rehab and see a therapist for at least 2 weeks. They also gave me new meds so I'm off the old painkillers. :D AAAANNDDD the good news is, I can now start taking my life back. My doctor said that I can get back to work as soon as I get my strength up (though I'm not so sure this part is still part of the good news. hehehe).


The miracle does not end there!!! Just this afternoon, as I was rolling around the kitchen on my swivel chair, I suddenly felt the urge to try and take a few steps... and miracle of miracles I was able to!!! And I've ben walking around the house the whole afternoon on crutches!!! YEY!!!

Of course I still can't sustain it for long, and I have to sit down after a few minutes... BUT this soo totally awesome! I thought I'd be going to work on a wheelchair!!! Crutches stomp wheelchair anytime of the day.

ANd you know what this means... In a few days with therapy I'd be able to walk completely and THEN I'd have my life back! Oh this just feels so GREAT!!!

I can't wait to be back in the malls and go shopping... I can't wait to walk outside. My god, I didn't think I'd miss WALKING this much!

Yes... tonight I'll defintely be saying a prayer of thanks...

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