Monday, January 26, 2009

REVIEW: Milk (2008)

Released in perfect socio-political timing, Milk is probably this year's most compelling Film.

Critics in the US have been raving about it for quite some time now and I can't wait to see it on the big screen. Fortunately, Christian was able to grab a clear DVD copy and I was able to see it while I'm crippled. hehehe

And here's what I think:

I love Milk because:

1. It's a movie about an openly gay man who managed (and I think the first) to be elected as public official in the US.

That in itself is very important. Quoting the movie: "Imagine, a gay man with power..."

And really, how many openly gay men are out there who are in power? How many gay men are in a position to effect positive change not only for the community but for everybody?

I'm not very familiar with Harvey Milk's story prior to this movie but this very premise is very inspiring... I mean, sure we've got gays in the government but they are not actually looking after the community's interests (which is ot very surprising in the RP)

2. The movie shows San Francisco in the late 70's when Harvey Milk led his battle for Gay rights. And it is released in perfect timing with the whole Proposition 8 issue.

In the past months, all eyes were on California when they passed Gay Marriage and several weeks later taken away by Proposition 8. And what this movie did was show a similar struggle, the gay community's fight for equality and civil rights...

And all the elements are there as well: a senator pushing for Prop 6 which will ban gay teachers and their supporters from school because according to this bill's reasoning, all gays are perverts. There's the devout Christian (no offense) who's so close minded that not only have they condmned the gays but the Muslims and the Jews as well.

The movie tackles it all in a way that is really emotionally involving.

3. The Production design is to DIE FOR!!! The film juxtaposed original 70s clips with the set shots and they look so amazing. The designers really got that 70s feel to the nail. There's none of the hippie exaggeration, it's so... 70s! hahahaha

4. James Franco and Diego Luna has kissing scenes! MY GOD!!! (with Sean Penn nga lang... pero pwede na din! hehehe)

Aside from the downright brilliance of the movie, it's all a bit oo heavy ad sad (lalo na siguro kung panoorin siya during the holidays). Fro the onset we know that Harvey will be assassinated... But when he actually got's like REALLY sad... I felt like it all ended with him...

Anyway, I loves it and you gotta watch it (gay or not) and learn something about equality and fighting for it...

Check this out for a more comprehensive review.


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