Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raving about "Hedwig & the Angry Inch" (plus videos!!!!)

I still can't get off on the Hedwig and the Angry Inch High... I've downloaded it's motion picture soundtrack and I've got it on a loop!

It's just so fan-freakin-tastic!!!

Oh, I need to publish an erratum with regards to my review last night:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch was a Musical FIRST (1998) before it came out on the silver screen in 2001

I'll probably upload the soundtrack here soon... If only it aint such a hassle to upload sopngs in this site...

heniwei, for those who haven't seen the movie yet, I've YouTubed some of the songs for everyone's viewing and listening pleasure, hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do:

Tear Me Down: This is the opening song... a bit glam rock and the video's just CRAAAAAZZZY LAAAVSSSEEET! Love how they juxtapose hedwig's socio-political/cultural and sexual complexities together:

Origin of Love: this one's my favorite, the visuals have that kindergarten crudeness to it but it conveys the message effectively and gives it a whimsical sense (I guess). The song talks about, to paraphrase, about the hows and the whys on relationships and such. REALLY moving:

This one is actually not a song, this is the part where Hedwig talks about his childhood in East Berlin. love the part where the kid is rockin' out on the bed!

This part talks about how Hedwig (then Hansel) met his husband.

Sugar Daddy: This one talks about Hedwig's first husband cum savior Sgt Luther Robinson. The song's a bit on the roackabily side, not really so crazy about it. But John Cameron Mitchell's really SASSY on this one, chikidawt:

Angry Inch: This one is rockin' and totally hilarious (in a very sordid way). The song talks about how the lead transformed from Hansel to Hedwig. AAAANNNNDDD if you've been wondering what the hell "angry inch" means well, this explains it pretty well!

Wig in a Box: This song sooo reminds of the Beatles (I don't know why but parts of it are just sooo Beatles-ish) It talks about how Hedwig survived after his husband left him and he found out that his acrifice to flee East Germany was all for naught. Such an enjoyable music video. panalo yung part na mat sing-a-long

Oh and this scene is one for the books! I love the almost Filipino-ish soap opera scene... don't we just live for this kind of drama and sass? Only goes to show it's a gay who wrote this shit. hehehehe

And the last video (What? it's the last already? after such an enjoyable list? hehehe). This is Wicked Little Town which is on the ending part... It's more touching when you've seen the entire film. oh and you might not recognize Hedwig. He's the one with the dark eye make up. the dude with the cross on the forehead is Tommy Gnosis his ex-lover and uer plagiarist

I guess that's pretty much it, I'll leave some of the best parts (like how Tommy and Hedwig met) for y'all to watch on ur own.

Hope u enjoyed these vids as much as I did.


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