Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rampa with a Walker

SO now I'm able to walk (as much a walk as it is) limping every other step with the aid of the crutches we brought home from the hospital.

Been limping around the house since Monday... thank god Cindy, one of my cousins, took pity on me and (with some persuasion helped my mom canvass for wheel chairs, walkers, and other such stuff AAAAAAAAAAANNNND they bought me a shiny new walker!!! yehey!!!

It was soo nice, it has 2 wheels, it folds, I was hoping for a pink one with glitters and tassles (hahaha joke) though the aluminum and gray ain't so bad. hehehe.

I felt so empowered with th walker I thought I'd be ready to go to work by next week!

So, being cocky, adventurous and unfathomably bored, I took the shiny new toy for a spin this afternoon! After my mom finished with some errands we decided to hit the mall! In my mind, I was like, THE MALL!!! AT LONG LAST a healthy waft of shopping in the air!!

And for the first time in weeks I'm finaly able to g out of the house without 2 of my largest cousins hauling my weight out of the front door! BUT I didn't realize I'd be facing a series of challenges:

FIRST CHALLENGE: get my ass to the main street and get a cab... Dati, when I get out of the house, I usually put on my darkest sunglasses and rampa my way out of the street... now that I walk at 5 meter per hour, that stretch of concrete and asphalt seems so loooooooooonngg... It was so difficult for me to get the stretch of it that the taxi prefered to go inside the narrow street after waiting for me for 5 minutes to get to the main street...

2ND CHALENGE: The stupidest thing.... I forgot to pee before leaving the house. NATURALLY, my bladder was about to burst the moment we got to the mall. JOZME!!! di ko nman narealize na malayo nga pla ang mga CR sa mall... not to mention malayo din ang mga elevator from the CRs... so how do I actually survive the mall?

Ang sagot... hindi ko na-survive ang mall! hahahaha... everyone's just moving sooooo fast! and they are just staring at me (and that's the most disturbing part) hirap n ako lumakad, ang bagal ko pa (as in lusis na lang santa cruzan na!) tapos lahat pa sila nakatitig sakin... sobrang damang dama ko na imbalido ako...

hu-well... mejo totoo naman talaga yun... ang nakakainis nun, ay di ako nagtagal
5 mins inside the mall and i've barely left point A... balak ko pa naman sana magshopping ng onti at tingnan ang pinapangarap kong phone...

haaay. ayun take out ng lunch ang drama may i go out the mall and uwi agad! wahahaha...

grabe! ngaun ko lang naappreciate ng lubusan kung gaano kasarap maglakad... lalo na ang rumampa with matching "when I grow up" blasting in my ears! hehehe


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