Saturday, January 10, 2009

A proper intro...

I am Oliver

and just to settle things... YES I am Gay

I don't give a shit for people's prejudice, but as far as I'm concerned, being gay does not define my being...

moving on...

I'm a proud Isko (don't ask about my student number); was from CMC so automatically, I despise Math and/or anything that has to do with numbers in general... Give me singing and dancing anytime.

I've been on the workforce for nearly 4 years now (I've been a sound engineer, now a full-fledged ad man). I'm young, I work at the CBD, so I guess that qualifies me to be a Yuppy? and thankfully I haven't transformed into one of those dreadful work drones (YET)

I'm on my mid-20s (god! I can't believe I'd ever say the words) and I can REALLY feel myself ageing by the day... all the more reason to LIVE than mope, right?

I'm not rich (Boy, I'm sooooo NOT) though not (YET) poor... middle-class? maybe... mostly living on the verge of bankruptcy after 5 days after payday. Haha! This would be a good place to insert that lovely clip from Hand in my Pocket (I'm broke but I'm happy, I'm young and I'm underpaid...) Love for shopping... aversion to numbers... not a good combination... AT ALL!

I like taking pictures, and I'm honestly no pro. I, mean, like, I have this Canon IXUS 70, who expects me to get pro photos with a point-and-shoot, right? Though I dream to buy my own SLR... though I'm not sure an SLR would be good for cam whoring. hehehe!

Love the movies, a big fan of TV (for select shows only), lives with earphones stuck to my ears... and frustratingly, I still haven't used my education to CREATE anything of the 3... though, again, one day I might get around to finally going down that path and probably living the College dream.

I love to travel and I plan to go around the Philippines (if not the worlkd!) more this year. Seeing new places and experiencing new things is just fabulous! It's refreshing to get away from all the buzz of city life... and then afterwards, it feels nice knowing that there's someplace to go back home to (awww... mushy! hahaha)

Oh and yes FOOD. I love to eat (hence the weight problem). But who's got time to worry about that when there's so much gastronomic delights to sample? There's always exercise (so again, hence, the weight problem! haha!) I'm no food and bev connoiseur but who cares? There's nothing like the smple joy of a filling and delightful meal taken with people you love (awww. mushy na naman! susme!)

Neurotic. High-strung. Sarcasm-spewing. Endless-rant machine. Totally flip. Partly insane. When one lives my life, I don't see how one can be NOT any of those
... I'm basically just trying to live my life... taking it day after day... not setting much stock on goals and plans coz I've learned that planning only leads to disappointment, so why not just enjoy the moment right?

And this blog is probably the testament to just that... the collection of dreams, experiences, thoughts, and fleeting moments I call my life

Slide lang ng slide! Makulay ang buhay!

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