Monday, January 26, 2009

Of coming out

"Olay! Manila Gay Guy? When did you come out????"

ugh... so far for the first message for my week... "OMG u didn't know?"

"Well, I didn't know you were open about it na... I just thought but had no confirmation"

early on a Monday morning and already and "uhh...." moment.

And it's kinda funny, coz I am OUT and I am open about it...

But... somehow... it still feels kinda uncomfortable...

I talk about my life, I post a lotta photos and blog about my love life... I am very vocal about my opinions on sexuality and discrimination... I mean, I suppose it should speak for itself...

And ever since I came out, nothing practically changed. I was still the same Oliver they all knew (except perhaps I was a bit more fun and happy). My College best friend even told me that since I came out, I lost this dark aura around me...

SO why do I feel uncomfortable?

OK so I didn't come out properly to ALL my friends... When I decided that I had to come out for Christian, I only told my closest friends...

Then again, what was I supposed to do, have a great big Gay Bash (as in party)? and announce than I'm into guys now? sounds kinda crazy...

BUT why does it feel so... odd when confronted by old friends?


I'm gay.

That shoulda been the end of it. NO questions asked. NO confirmations to be sought.

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