Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Treat :D

Who knew that being on a "forced" vacation would eventually become a drag?

Since the start of the year, I've been a bit down due to my condition... and REALLY, it's just so f*cking depressing!

THEN one day while blogshopping (as always, ano pa ba ang kayang gawin ng baldadong tulad koh,davah?), i saw this item for sale on multiply:

I did a double take seeing the price and told myself, "hu-we-hell... why naaht?"

I thought.. well.. since it's been REALLY crappy being stuck inside the house for ages... AND I have been improving lately... i decided to TREAT myself!!! whoopee!

The transaction was quite easy and quick and after 2 days, jan-janaraaan! may I knock on the door si Mr Air21 guy with my treat to myself!

Ang gandah oh:

HANGSAYASAYA! Although, to be honest, mas gusto ko pa din ung orig earphones ng ipod, though. hehehe.

Well, at least something to lift up my spirits while I'm on recovery...

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