Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't be afraid; live long enough to find the right one

Queerty recently had a pretty interesting post about gay ads and I just wanna repost some of the things that REALLY good:

This is a French PSA for World AIds day (I think, not sure when) which I first saw in someone's Multiply site (sorry, forgot who this person is) and downloaded in my iPod.

As per Queerty the end tag reads: "Live long enough to find the right one. Protect yourself" which is a REALLY good way to promote safe sex

I personally love the great visuals and the catchy song. And I can't find better words to describe this than the ones used by Queerty:

...heart-warming, funny and poignant. You can't help but identify with the hero of the ad, who goes from a doll-loving young boy to a young gay guy with horrible taste in guys...
I just feel so sympathetic to the kid's plight... enjoy!

No 2 is a Norwegian PSA. Now THIS is something I should have seen when I was still in elementary!!!

The producers REALLY got balls. The message is bold and the punchline is just so cutting edge (at least in my opinion)...

and I just love the copy at the last frame: "You don't need to be afraid". This is something so positive; to tell the world that homosexuality is NORMAL is just really so empowering. AND to take it even further, they use KIDS! I know, this will raise a lot of conservative FIlipino eyebrows BUT that is exactly the beauty of the ad!!!

I mean to just wake up one day and realize that you like guys (or girls pra sa mga kapatid nating lesbians) is actually NO BIG DEAL... It becomes a problem when people start telling you that there is soemthign wrong with you, that you are an abomination, that you are a freak...

Kids who realize they are gay during their adolescence are the ones that are faced with the GREATEST problems (I should know based on experience, right?)... It's hard to be tormented at such a vulnerable stage just for being TRUE TO YOURSELF... Imagine searching for your identity, finding it, and then suddenly the whole world tells you it's unacceptable. Sakit di ba?

So just for that, props to the makers of the ad! mwah!

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