Friday, January 16, 2009

Another thing to get excited about:

"The Thank You Girls" will be shown in Robinson's Indiesine!

Got the good news from Armi, who also happens to be the production designer, (read here)

It's gonna start regular screening starting Jan 21 to 27.

I wanted to watch this last year but yet again, schedule constraints.. so this REALLY is great news! I just hope I'd be able to walk by then. Otherwise, I'd have to wheel myself to the cinema! hahaha...

Why so excited about it? There's a few unique things I like about it, actually:

1. It's a comedy: a lot of gay flicks came out last year, and as far as I can remember (of course don't quote me, hindi ko nman napagalaman LAHAT ng lumabas) most of the films that came out are a bit on the heavy side (eg Lihim ni Antonio, Daybreak, Quicktrip, etc etc etc)

2. It's drag queens on a beauty pageant! I mean c'mon! Think "To Wong Foo...", Think "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", think "Queen of the Desert"... Drag is always entertaining. PERIOD

3. It does NOT revolve around sex (for a change - and a good one at that!) I mean, nothing against the local Gay movies but REALLY, does everything have to be about or involve sex??? Of course, it's titilating, it draws in an audience, and let's face it, the sex scenes and the hunky stars is an interest shared by most of the gay population... Not that gay movies revolving around sex aren't good... some are good... then some that are pretty BAD (not in a good way)... I mean sometimes, they forget to inject the STORY! so this one, is totally a refreshing theme!

4. And most importantly, it has a pretty interesting premise (please read the synopsis from Armi's site)

If you're not yet convinced, check out the ff videos:

bonga di ba?

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