Monday, December 14, 2009

A really BAD Bad Romance

I honestly don;t know how to REACT to this:

It's just so fucking baffling!!!!

Like, what were they thinking!?!?!


From the singing (it's almost like she's MOCKING Lady GaGa, and BTW, the lyrics are SOOOOOO wrong!)

The costume (a red super long gown with side slits!?!?!?! C'mon! she can't even walk in it! and the dancers are struggling with it as well!)

The choreography (what was she doing in the chorus, spirit fingers????)

the production (Lady GaGa has gay dancers but they are HOTT and FABULOUS gay dancers, not like those four who look sooo sad and tacky!)

UGH! You don't need to read my RAVES about Lady GaGa's single (here, and here) to know that this TOTALY sucked! Y'know what's more crazy? HER FANS!!!! Check out some of the comments from Youtube:
inaqd2 (6 minutes ago)

the best!!!!...grabehhh....sna lng s next concert ni sarah...asap ang bhala s production kc pang concert ung performance nya...amazing...

everytym nlng mgperform xa,napapanganga aq!!...hehehehe...idol!!

spongiemhaye (58 minutes ago)

yung mga nag ookray kay sarah,,, bakit cno pa ba singer pinagmamalaki nyo na kaya kumanta nyan,,, yayabang nyo ah,,, magaling talaga c sarah.... ,,,,,,

CarmineCloud (1 hour ago)

pakantahin mo yan si Lady Gaga ng I Believe I can Fly and Alone tingnana naten kung kaya niya! Inggit ka lang kasi ang galing ni Sarah! hahaha! Very versatile!

ark41d3 (1 hour ago)

nsa asap b c sarah..sunday pra d ko ma cancel lakad ko sa sunday...pls pls pls...that's xmas n sa sunday db dpat andun cia

haaaaay so funny!

* * * * *

UPDATE: I found the ORIGINAL Gossip Girl performance in Youtube (which I cannot embed, so just visit the link)

STILL a far cry from what Sarah G did. Besides, the producers shouldn;t have made her do it! She sings pop ballads well, NOT fast pop songs.

Besides, If she's doing some other artist's song, she can at least try to do it in her own style and NOT immitate the ORIGINAL artist! gaaaah!

Another effects movie to watch out for

OMG! another effects movie to watch out for!!! (more info here)

Oh, and Nicolas Cage is doing sci-fi now!?!?!

Kinda weird, especially after massacring that Ghost Rider role (eurgh!)

Monica Belucci is there... I absolutely love her but she acts like she's modelling - which is not much of an acting but much more of looking divaliciously pretty.

I'm also a bit iffy about the director, Jon Turteltaub... the only other (notable) "action-adventure" film he directed was National Treasure (again with Cage) which isn't much to put on your resume. He directed While You Were Sleeping though, which I absolutely love, but hey, that's a romantic comedy.

The writers, Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard, only other "notable" screenplay is Prince of Persia, which is yet to be shown next year.

So, yeah, I'm pretty sure this is JUST an effects movie.

But hey, they look like REALLY great effects. How it doesn't do a Terabithia on us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Philippines has found it's own Brent Corrigan (well, a look-a-like, at least)

My pointer was drawn to his thumbnail when it appeared in my Multiply inbox.

And was I glad I clicked!!!

Vic Fabe's guy lay-outs are often steamy but this one is HOTT even with the clothes on!

Ladies and gentlemen who look like ladies, please get your hands out of your flies and put them together for Rapahel Remo Galvez!!!

Pakshet mga te, napa-sudden gush of wetness ako sa batang ito. Bet na bet ko ang freshness ng fez at ang "innocent"-looking features pero very impish smile!

He actually reminds me of Brent Corrigan.

Sa mga taong inosente (kuning), si Brent Corrigan po ay isang controversial pero super hot (and now successful) American porn star. He's got the face of an angel and the body (and needless to say the PARTS) of a well-chiseled man!

BRENT CORRIGAN: the twink of my wet dreams, if only he'd make a good top....

He recently won an award at the Gay VN Awards (which is like the Oscars of porn) for being thee Best Bottom (seriously!). Check out more info about brent here.

Raphael on the other hand, apparently is a fresh face trying to break out in showbiz (where else!) via ABS CBN's Star Magic.

With the clamor for fresh faces but the unavailability of mainsytream project for artista-wannabes, who knows, Raphael, may actually take the "indie" route. If he's lucky, he might follow the foot steps of beloved Coco Martin. Otherwise, he might opt for the road taken by Marco Morales. Either way, panalo pa din ang mga bektas! hahaha! Kiyeme lang!

Just to prove my point about their similarity check out the photos (Raphael's photos by Vic Fabe, be sure to visit his site):

O di ba!?!!? PWEDE!!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows THE MOVIE



The last installment in the Harry Potter movies!!!

Dh Preview One - Click here for another funny movie.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

STUPID: criminalization of same sex union in the Philippines

This afternoon, published this article which totally shook me:

Solon seeks to criminalize same sex union
By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
First Posted 12:35:00 12/08/2009

Filed Under: Laws, Congress, Politics, Gender Issues

MANILA, Philippines--Describing it as “highly immoral, scandalous and detestable,” a lawmaker on Monday called for the criminalization of gay marriage .

In proposing House Bill 6919, Manila Representative Bienvenido Abante Jr. said same sex union “would snap the remaining strand of our moral values.”

Abante, a pastor and chairman of the public information committee, said there is no specific provision yet in the Revised Penal Code penalizing persons who enter in same sex marriage or those who solemnize the marriage.

“While there is no documented same sex marriage yet in our country, the absence of clear legislation serves as an invitation to same sex marriage,” he said.

Violators face 15 years' imprisonment and a fine of not more than P150,000, according to the bill. It also provides a 12-year jail term and a fine of P100,000 for anybody who misdeclares or hides his or her true sex for the purpose of securing marriage license.

Any person who issues marriage license or who solemnizes the same sex union faces an imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of not more than P100,000.

From here

Need I expound on the overwhelming multi-level stupidity of this move?

I mean, this is SOOOOOOOOO stupid it's offensive to any one who makes use their brain!

Let's get past the obvious spiritual righteousness bullshit that this lawmaker feels he obtains, let's just focus on stuff that is less complicated, which is, well, logic.

News says:

a lawmaker on Monday called for the criminalization of gay marriage.

Abante, a pastor and chairman of the public information committee, said there is no specific provision yet in the Revised Penal Code penalizing persons who enter in same sex marriage or those who solemnize the marriage.

I say, "What gay marriage? There's no such thing in the Philippines! Haler! How can you possibly penalize something that does not exist?"

He says:

“While there is no documented same sex marriage yet in our country, the absence of clear legislation serves as an invitation to same sex marriage,” he said.

I say, "Clearly, your delusional. There is no clear legislation on bestiality, does this mean it's an invitation for all Filipinbo citizens to engage in intimate sexual relations with non-human animals?"

He says:

Any person who issues marriage license or who solemnizes the same sex union faces an imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of not more than P100,000.

I say, "Ang kulit, paano nga magi-issue ng same sex marriage license e wala ngang same sex marriage dito sa Pinas!"

At this part, it gets REALLY hilarious:

Violators face 15 years' imprisonment and a fine of not more than P150,000, according to the bill. It also provides a 12-year jail term and a fine of P100,000 for anybody who misdeclares or hides his or her true sex for the purpose of securing marriage license.

Point no 1: This is totally confusing. Who is gonna conceal what from whom? There are several permutations:

  1. Gay man (straight acting closet case) hides the fact that he likes to suck cock and to give credibility to the character he's portraying marries himself to a woman
  2. Gay couple, beautiful waif-like bottom gets sex transplant so he now looks like a she and can get married to straight acting boyfriend
  3. Openly gay person marries to a woman for the heck of convenience
Of the three scenarios, alam nating nangyayari ang 1 and 3. Actually nagkalat na ang mga ganyan ngayon.

Point no 2: And then how can one "misdeclare" his/her true sex? Will there be a national census on homosexuality? how can they know someone is lying unless they actually see that person sucking cock or eating pussy?

How can someone "misdeclare" his true sex? Tingin ba niya lahat ng bakla ay puro kamukha ni Ricky Reyes at BB Gandanghari? Obviously, he is totally unaware that the so-called "discreet" gay men that have plagued the country: talamak na ang mga may asawang humahada, ang mga gwapong naka-panty, ang mga bouncer na tumitili, at ang mga constru na bumibisita sa mga bathhouse!!!

It's not as if they will build a very reliable gaydar!

Point no 3: And once they identify someone as gay, ano na? Will we be sent to a concentration camp? Will we burned in giant stoves just to prevent us from finding our partners?

In which case, mapipilay ang Philippine society dahil malalagas ang entertainment industry, ang broadcast industry, ang advertising, ang fashion, ang IT, ang call centers, ang parlors, at kung anik anik pa.

If you're wondering which public official is wasting our hard-earned tax money, it's this idiot right here:

He is apparently one of the legislators who called Ang Ladlad Immoral.

He is also one of those who moved to ban FHM and other Men's magazine (read it here, Thanks Haze!)

And ironically, he proposed the issuance of marriage license to be done by Church because "the solemnization of marriage is a function of the Church not the state" (read about it here)

Ang gulo noh? E kung gumawa na lang kaya siya ng sarili niyang Vatican para masaya siya, noh!?!

It's as if he's making his stands without any clear perspective ~ which is NOT totally UNEXPECTED in the Philippines seeing as we elect morons into office.

As part of my usual sermon, I just wanna reiterate this sentiment against religous fanatics like this:

Hindi ko talaga maintindihan ang mundo, or at least ang mga RELIGIOUS FANATICS ng mundo.

Bakit ba kami na lang mga bakla ang hilig nilang pagdiskitahan?

IKAW! maka-Diyos kang tao, sabi mo? Sabihin mo nga sa akin, ano ba ang ginawa ko sa iyo?

Subukan mong tanggalin ang mga mapanlinlang mong paniniwala tungkol sa kasalanan at kabutihan. Hindi ba't pareho-pareho lang naman tayong naghahanap ng taong magmamahal sa atin?

Bakit ba gusto ninyong sirain ang mga buhay namin? Bakit ba hindi pa kami patay e gusto niyo na kaming mabuhay sa impyerno?

Yan ba ang turo sa inyo ng Diyos niyo: ang sirain ang buhay ng kapwa mo dahil hindi niyo maintindihan ang buhay ng iba?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming Soon: Clash of the Titans


Of course, it smells of an effects movie, but I do hope it rises from thee cliche, do justice to the original and not fall into the death trap of period-epic movies which many have smitten to the ground for cheeziness (like Kingdom of Heaven, Arthur, etc etc)

It looks promising but there are VERY familiar elements here:

1. sword swinging ala Brad Pitt in Troy
2. eyeless monsters that look like they were carved from old dried up wood ala Pan's Labyrinth
3. rock n roll soundtrack and gritty look ala 300

One thing's for sure: it has gone a long way from the original 1981 production:

I think we'll see more when we watch it again....

shall we hit the replay button?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tindahan ng Kipay

Hindi ko napigilana ng pagbuhakhak ng tawa nung nakita ko ito kanina sa St. Francis Square:


Ang sarap tanungin yung tindera, "Ano po ba ang binebenta ninyo? KEPS!?!?!?!?!?!"


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lady gaga back on the road!


Lady Gaga is back on the road and is already touring the US. Early next year, she'll be in Europe!!! Godd Lord, please have some rich corporation bring her to the Philippines!!!!

Check out her site for tour dates (baka nataong nasa Paris kayo ng time na yun)

SO habang nilalakad ko ng paluhod sa Quiapo na mapadpad siya dito muli sa Pinas,
enjoyin muna antin ang isa sa mga una (at maayos) na videos nya from her tour:

I love those rings! I want one for Xmas!

And those shoulder pads are crazy! I mean they are like 6 inches high on her ENTIRE shoulders!!!


I'm so practicing the steps! as in NOW NA




Paper dolls

Sailormoon was such a huge hit back when I was in grade 5.

It was no secret that I was such a fan that my mom actually bought me a bunch of sailormoon paperdolls!!!

Align Center

My god, I miss playing with those paperdolls, turning them into princesses going out on dates, fighting crime in bikinis and all that gay stuff.

They eventually got torn and tattered from overuse and I never found a replacement...


If you haven't heard of Looklet, you're missing probably one of the gayest internet phenomena ever!

I first heard of it from a (REALLY GAY) officemate (you know who you are). But with the company's REALLY shitty internet connection, I was not able to check it out until I got home.

I got hooked instantly. Check out my Looklet page. :D

Oh, and check out my looks below!!! ang bakla!!! hahahahahaha

This is my first try:

Wasn't loving it so much, kinda looks too BEEZEEEEEEH, at nakakatawa ng itim na repolyo sa mukha niya so ito mejo binawasan ko ng kaunti:

O di ba? malantod na patweetums with the headband and the red kipay shorts!?!?!

Then I said, sige I'll do something that looks wearable naman, yung hindi mukhang pang Lady Gaga:

During that entire week, users sporting denim jeans were being featured. SO may I ride the bandwagon di ba?

I like that Tiger necklace!

Last Monday, I had an ocular at this wonderful ex-quarry/shooting range (which turned out to be a disappointment) Had some really great (cam-whoring) photos and thought of doing a Looklet version! ta-daaaaaah!

Again, an attempt to do challenge (that printed Monsoon dress which was used as a skirt)

Don't like this one so much...

Refusing to fail, I tried to do another challenge (this time, that striped tank top used here as a skirt)

So much better, noh? Although she kinda looks like a ho! hahahaha

Looklet announces when they have new items in the closet, and when I saw the cute preppy shorts and shirt, I knew I had to turn them slutty! hahahahahaha

SO this is my interpretation of a sluttified preppy schoolgirl or Ugly Betty turned fasyon.

There was also this new white jacket which I totally love! (which reminds me, I need to get one!)

I love how this one turned out :D Wearable and funky.

Also lovin' that red plaid bag!

Then there was this Rodebjer Bolero contest where you have to style the black net bolero to actually win it! saya di ba? (not that I can wear it!)

Anyway, here's my entry:

It was a bit difficult for me coz I can't belt the bolero and the sleeves are at elbows' length (which I'm not so fond of) but I guess all in all, it turned out great.

That black armor necklace is so divine, I wish I can get one for myself!

Looklet has a lot of funky collars in their closet and I've always wanted to use one but can't seem to make them work with the style, so I decided to style an outfit around the collar and this is what turned out:

I love the bigness of the collar! Of course, she's topless which is so Gaga.

Also lovin' the belt and garter combo to hide the obvious absence of a top. hahahaha!

This one I did just a couple of hours ago.

In yesterday's shoot we had a Harley which was REALLY cool. Haro and his bike inspired this look:

The scarf is a tad bit OA, but I like it. I'll prolly remix this look later.

As of this writing I'm doing a winter look, inspired by Christian.

He tells me it's REALLY cold in Japan now and his winter jackets (especially the ONE he bought in Zara ~ which I painfully remember) are totallly useless in that weather! hahahahahahaha

Oh gosh, I'm totally addicted.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's the last day we'll see each other

Feel the emptiness when he's gone

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance

I first saw this awesomeness while bloghopping the other day (See posts by Bryanboy, Jujiin, and Awkward Chic) And since then, hanggang ngayon (as in THIS VERY INSTANT) e kinakanta ko pa rin siya.

So sabay-sabay tayo kumanta , mga becks:




Want your bad romance

I want your love! LAV LAV LAV I want you're love!!!

Ang saya saya noh!?!?!

And because it was SSSSSSSSOOOOOO addictive I downloaded the full album na. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Bad Romance ~ It's auditory orgasm! and the video's a visual feast!

2. Alejandro ~ hmmm it's kinda like a mash-up of "Ey, ey Nothing Elsse I Can Say" and "La Isla Bonita" but NOT as fun.

3. Monster ~ actually not so bad, but not as catchy as Bad Romance

4. Speechless ~ It's like GaGa channeled Queen and came up with another slow pop song that is depressing and does not even highlight her vocal prowess.

5. Dance In the Dark ~ a bit better than Monster but not quite as appealing as Bad Romance. Actually sounds like one of The Veronicas' 2007 hits with an 80s keyboard arrangement that totally sucks

6. Telephone (feat. Beyonce) ~ Definitely 2nd single material

7. So Happy I Could Die ~ hmmmm, k lang. Can't really bring myself to care so much about it

8. Teeth ~ Hahahaha this is like "Teeth" the movie turned itnto a song

All in all, Lady Gaga's sophomore attempt is, well, very much sophomoric. At least there's a couple of tracks that are playlist worthy. heehee

On a separate note, I also found this:

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH and she has a collab with Beyonce (or is it the other way around?):

LAVET!!! Soooo dragtastic!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now THAT is how you sing the National Anthem

I'm sure by now, a lot of people are raving about Pacquiao's win.

Frankly, I really don't care THAT much... it's sports! What's more, it's BOXING! I wouldn't know which end goes up where.

What I do know is that this win increases Pacquaio's value and as an effect, we will definitely be seeing a surge of MORE Pacman-endorsed products (as it appears, wala siyang hihindian, as long as the price is right)

In any case, he surely WON'T be endorsing our brand, for sure (well, hindi rin naman natin alam for sure, but well, I'll put my foot in my mouth when the time comes)

I digress, being the Queens of fierceness that we are, Christian and I, still excitedly awaited Pacman's fight on our way to Tagaytay this afternoon NOT because we're boxing fans bt because of the National Anthem!!!

Why yessssss!!! The singing of the National Anthem in boxing matches seem to have become an event unto itself. Like what Martin did last fight and who'd forget that Christian Bautista booboo skipping a couple of lines???

This time though, instead of the traditional solo they had a trio: La Diva ~ those singing contest winners (or otherwise) who actaully has talent to speak of.

What I like about these grlss is that they know very well how to harmonize with one another; they are ferosh w/o outshining each other! LAVET

Enough hoopla, itech mga becks at pakinggan niyo:

Taray davah? Bet ko ang harmonizing at blending ekek nila. ganda yan. Whachathink?

Oh Happy Day ~ Tagaytay version!

It's probably the cliche of cliches but we don't care: we went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove this afternoon.

Funny thing was, it was actually MY first time in that place ~ which, come to think of it, is REALLY absurd considering my father's from Amadeo, Cavite and we used to pass by Tagaytay every week when I was a kid.

Anyway, the great thing about it is that this time, we are doing it TOGETHER.

Sadly, Tagaytay is not as cold as it used to be (and considering it's already November, the scorching heat was REALLY surprising) so we spent the early afternoon just hanging out and looking for some nice unoccupied and clean cottages (the place clearly lacks some serious regulation and maintenance)

After a couple of foot rubs and tons of pictures (which are still with Christian) I finally managed to convince my Bebi to try the zipline. He's yakking about it all day and kept on insisting that the cable car was more fun. What BS.

After dragging him kicking and screaming, we finally got him fastened to the harness and took our 1st ride on the zipline:

Saya di ba?

Slightly nakakatakot siya sa umpisa but it's actually exhilarating once we got there and we're seeing the ground falling below us!

We had to take the zipline again to retrieve our belonging (and primarily because I didn't wanna hike all the way back to the other side of the ravine)

This time, focus naman samin ang video to see how we look. Pardon the cheesy moment in the middle of the ride.

Look at Christian's face: He's totally terrified! hahahaha

The experience was all in all, pretty much OK. Nakakagutom nga lang so nagmerienda lang kme ng slight before leeaving the place.

And of course, di yan kumpleto kung walang cam-whoring with the amezeeeng view:

Parang feel ko yung boat ride but that has to wait for another time.

We went all the way back to MOA to grab some grub ~ Christian just had to have a bit of a shopping spree (habang naglalaway ako sa shoes ng Traffic). Look what we had for dinner:

Don Hen buffalo wings and salad aka the deep-fried ball of cholesterol death

Mukha lang siyang kaunti but by the time we were done masakit na pareho ang batok namin ni Christian.

Hindi jan natapos ang mga pasabog ni bakla, It's our monthsary on wednesday but he already has the gift for me at ito sya:

YESSSSS!!!! It's the 2010 Starbucks planner:

I'm not so crazy with the 2010 lay-out pero kebs! galing sya sa Bebi ko so yan ang gagamitin ko for 2010! Tse!

It's sorta been an unspoken tradition for us. during the past 2 years, Christian has always helped me fill out those ridiculous stubs to get me the planner. But since he'll be leaving in a few weeks, we won;t be able to go nuts on the coffee so yan, he just bought me one (I think).

He's really sweet that way.

Haaay ~ perfect ending for a Sunday, a good way to start the week (or cap it ~ either way it's LAVLEY!!)

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